Isaac ButterworthWhile born in New Jersey, I was raised in Texas, where I have lived most of my life. I am married to Jan, and we  have two children, both married, and three grandchildren.

I serve as the pastor of a Presbyterian Church, which is engaged in ministry with the local community and mission in the world. I give my energy to the study and proclamation of the Word, to providing pastoral care, and to shared leadership with a wonderful staff and a capable team of laity.

I love being in the mountains, and, when I am there, I spend my time hiking, reading, and observing the beauty of God’s world. In life day-to-day, I spend a good bit of time behind the wheel, at the computer, and in a variety of care facilities in our town.

I preach almost every other day — either at church or at one or more of the residential centers nearby. Someday, I hope to be good at it.